Beer and Fantasy Books

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, or even a short time, you’ll know I like beer. More specifically real ale or craft beer as it is called in America, small batches of beer produced by independent or small breweries. I was lucky enough to be able to create my own special beerContinue reading “Beer and Fantasy Books”

MAGE is born….or brewed

Today I went over to Fownes Brewery in Gornal to help them put the finishing touching on the special edition real ale I helped them brew, MAGE. This real ale was specially commissioned to tie in with the publication of my new novel, Mageborn, book 1 in the new Age of Dread trilogy. Today atContinue reading “MAGE is born….or brewed”

Beer and books

I am delighted to announce that I will be working with a local brewery, Fownes, to create a special limited-edition real ale to celebrate the publication of Mageborn. Next month I will taking a trip to Fownes Brewery, based in Gornal, Dudley, to help them brew and bottle a special beer ahead of October’s launch.Continue reading “Beer and books”

Real Ale: Plum Porter – Titanic Brewery

I’ve not done one of these in ages, and I’m not really sure why. I’m busy but I’ve also still been regularly drinking real ale, so I’ve no real excuse. Now I’m at the point where I look at the shelves in my local shop, farm shop, supermarket and say ‘ Have I tried thatContinue reading “Real Ale: Plum Porter – Titanic Brewery”

Real Ale: Yorkshire Blackout – The Great Yorkshire Brewery

I’ve not done of these in a while. So for those who are new to the website, as well as posts about writing, I also write about comics, TV, films and real ale. “We’re right chuffed with our porter. This 18th century London beer style is brewed with 100% English ingredients and showcases the delicious flavoursContinue reading “Real Ale: Yorkshire Blackout – The Great Yorkshire Brewery”

Real Ale: Cumberland Ale – Jennings Brewery

“A superb golden coloured ale, brewed with English pale Ale malt and using only the finest English aromatic hops.” I received a few ales for my birthday, what a surprise, and among them was a couple of bottles of Cumberland Ale. I’ve had this before several times in the past, in bottles and on aContinue reading “Real Ale: Cumberland Ale – Jennings Brewery”

Real Ale: Isle of Arran Dark – Arran Brewery

A traditional “Scottish Heavy” style beer with a full malt flavour and a deep bitter finish. I received one or two ales for Christmas, ok more than two, and one box had a wide selection of ales from across the UK. This is my first ale from the Isle of Arran Brewery, and this darkContinue reading “Real Ale: Isle of Arran Dark – Arran Brewery”

Real Ale: Black Gold – Copper Dragon Brewery

A recipe created from restored brewing records from the 1800’s. The use of traditional coloured and roasted malts give a unique rich and luscious flavour. As detailed above, this is a lost recipe that has been recreated for the modern ale drinker. To date this is one of my three favourite porters or dark ales.Continue reading “Real Ale: Black Gold – Copper Dragon Brewery”

Real Ale: Heron Porter – Two Roses Brewery

A rich deep scarlet beer with chocolate on the nose and a full round smooth flavour. This 4.2% Porter is one of my favourites from a local Yorkshire brewery, the Two Roses Brewery. So far, it’s definitely in my top 10 porters. At the moment I drink more of this, Ilkley Black (which I coveredContinue reading “Real Ale: Heron Porter – Two Roses Brewery”

Real Ale: Kraftwerk – Revolutions Brewing Company

Mid-brown beer hopped with noble German hops. Medium-bodied, moderate levels of bitterness and a balanced finish. Somewhere between English brown ale and German Alt-Bier. This 4.5% beer comes from the Castleford based, Revolutions Brewery, where they pay homage to music from the analogue age, before digital and downloads. All of the names of their alesContinue reading “Real Ale: Kraftwerk – Revolutions Brewing Company”