Real Ale: Riders on the Storm – Kelham Island Brewery

A golden amber ale combining the best British malts and a combination of British and American hops which mingle together for a fragrance of fruits and spices. The addition of crystal malt gives a fulfilling equilibrium of sweetness and body. This 4.5% pale ale is from a brewery I’ve not tried before, Kelham Island Brewery,Continue reading “Real Ale: Riders on the Storm – Kelham Island Brewery”

Real Ale: Ilkey Black – Ilkley Brewery

I’m a real ale drinker. Have been for ages and ages. Given the opportunity I’ll always pick an interesting local ale over a standard pint of something from the pump. I don’t know my wine or my whisky, couldn’t tell you the difference between a single malt and a blended. I’d need to be guidedContinue reading “Real Ale: Ilkey Black – Ilkley Brewery”