September Events Report

Fantasycon is done and dusted but since then I’ve done another one day event. Below is a quick round-up of both.

At Fantasycon in a Heathrow hotel, I had a chance to hang out with lots of authors I normally only speak to online which was a lot of fun. There are far too many to name so I won’t for embarrassment of forgetting someone. This included a gaggle of Angry Robot authors, as shown below with Gabriela Houston, Dan Hanks and Caroline Hardaker. Also in the photo are Amy and Des from Angry Robot who were there with tonnes of merchandise and proofs which they gave away. I was on two panels, one alongside Guest of Honour Liz Williams, Juliet McKenna and young gun Ryan Cahill, as shown on the right below.

I had an excellent time catching up with old friends and making a few new ones, some of who I will try to get on my YouTube channel for interviews and livestreams in the future.

On Sunday I attended an event organised by the Humber SFF people, alongside the incomparable RJ Barker. First of all we did a book signing at the Beverley Bookshop so they have signed copies of The Coward and The Warrior, plus all 3 of The Tide Child trilogy RJ. Please support your local bookshop and order direct from them, or via Hive if you are in the UK, as you can nominate a local bookshop and they receive a percentage of the sale. (Please Note this is AFTER you check out so don’t immediately click away)

The owner in Beverley was lovely, and she supplied us with tea and cakes. I ended up buying Fairy Tale by Stephen King while I was in there, as I’m keen to read it soon.

In the evening we were at the King’s Head where we both spoke about our journey to getting published, our approach to writing, editing and developing stories. We both did a short reading and then there was a Q and A session. They have more sessions coming up with other authors so you can find them on social media for more info.

More Events

There are no more events for a few weeks for me, so it’s head down on the writing. At the end of October I’ll be at Bristolcon for one day and then that’s probably it for the rest of the year as we slide into autumn and then winter.

Next year there’s Eastercon 2023, in Birmingham 7-10 April, and guests of honour have already been announced. Next October Fantasycon will also be in Birmingham, UK, so if you can attend I highly recommend it. Keep an eye on the BFS website here for more info.

Books and Reviews

As ever, if you have any read any of my books and have enjoyed them, consider leaving a review as it can really help others discover them. The Warrior is available now from all good bookshops, links below.

USA and Canada – Amazon.comAmazon.caBarnes and Noble,

In the UK –, Waterstones, WH Smith, From the publisher (Angry Robot Books), from a local bookshop via Hive

September Stuff

Hello, we’re on our way into September and before you know it, Christmas will be here! Ugh. Too soon. Too much to do before then. Books to write and so on. So here’s a bunch of stuff that has happened, or will happen very soon involving me.

I recently appeared on Page Chewing with Steve from Steve Talks Books and PL Stuart. We talked a fair bit about publishing, myths that I spend time debunking, my YouTube channel, getting published, my books, inspiration for The Coward and all sorts of stuff.

Fantasycon 2022 – The British Fantasy Society

This coming weekend I will be appearing at Fantasycon in Heathrow, London, at the Radisson Red Hotel and Conference Centre, on 17th and 18th September for two days. The convention is full of panels, workshops, readings and book launches. You can still buy tickets here I believe. I have a panel on Saturday and one on Sunday, but otherwise I will be around, probably lurking in the bar or communal areas, talking with authors.

The full schedule is available to view here, but my panels are as follows

3pm on Saturday – Beyond the Debut: Building a Career as a Writer  (David Cartwright (moderator), Liz Williams, Juliet E McKenna, Ryan Cahill and me.

2pm on Sunday – Mashing up genres in Fantasy (Juliet Mushens (moderator), Zen Cho, Peter Newman, Susan York and me.

Interview with Stacey McEwan

I recently did an interview with romantic fantasy author, Stacey McEwan. She is a TikTok superstar with over 300K followers, and 44K on Instagram. We talked about her social media stuff, but also how she was all set to self publish her first fantasy novel when she was contacted by a literary agent.


I’m going to be at a couple of other events coming up in the UK. One in Yorkshire on 25th September and I will also be at Bristolcon in October, so don’t forget to check out the Events page here for all the info.

If you are not in the UK, I’m also taking part in a day of online fantasy workshops, Realms of Fantasy, alongside RJ Barker and Anna Smith-Spark. So check out the info here.

The Warrior Online Tour

The Warrior is published August 9th, wrapping up The Quest for Heroes duology. For now, this in the last adventure in the Five Kingdoms. I may come back to this world one day, but for now, that’s it. Two books and done. I’m already busy with something else….

The url below has pre-order links to all of your favourite bookshops. It is available in ebook, paperback and audiobook. Pre-orders are really important, so if you are thinking of getting it, now is the time.

There is also an online tour, which has already started, on Instagram, YouTube and websites. I am also going to be doing a book launch in person next week on Tuesday in Birmingham at Forbidden Planet. I hope to see some of you there!

July Roundup

I’m back from my summer holiday and, as I knew would happen, there’s a lot coming up for in the next few months.

First of all, the special limited edition hardback versions of The Coward and The Warrior. These have been printed and recently I spent most of a day at the fulfilment centre signing the 500 copies of each. Here’s the great wall of each and a signed palette of The Coward. There is a limited number still available. As of writing there are about 40 left. The sets are available to purchase now from The Broken Binding website.

The link also shows you what the books look like without the dust jackets. The books are super fancy, sprayed edges with artwork on the pages, ribbon bookmark, foils, the whole nine yards. (Click to embiggin the photos)

The Warrior – Paperback Launch Event

The launch of paperback edition of The Warrior is happening on Tuesday 9th August at 5.30pm in Birmingham at Forbidden Planet.

Thereafter, signed copies will be available from Forbidden Planet and The Broken Binding, with the latter shipping books worldwide.

So if you are not able to attend the event in person, you can still get a signed copy.

Upcoming Events and Conventions

Fantasycon17-18 September – the annual fantasy and science fiction event organised by the British Fantasy Society is taking place in London on 17th and 18th September at the Radisson Red Hotel and Conference Centre, Heathrow. Tickets are available here. I will be at the event and have put my name forward to be on panels, otherwise I’m sure you’ll see me about at the hotel.

Realms of Fantasy – 22 October ONLINE – On Saturday 22nd October, I will be taking part in a day of online writing workshops alongside the fantastic RJ Barker and Anna Smith-Sparks. It runs from 10am to 4pm UK time and the event is described as “Realms of Fantasy presents an online day of fantasy writing workshops, ideal for anyone exploring or looking to develop their writing skills and technique within the genre.” Tickets are available here

Bristolcon29 October – a one day fantasy and SF event is taking place on Saturday 29th October in Bristol at Hilton DoubleTree Hotel, Bristol. Tickets are available here for this event.

Manchester Event Photos

I had an excellent time the other week in Manchester. First, a number of Angry Robot authors and I, signed copies of our books at Waterstones in the Trafford Centre. Thank you to Brian, the bookseller there, for being so supportive of our SFF books. The signed copies are selling fast, so if you wanted a signed copy, you’d better get a move on!

Then we went over to Blackwell’s bookshop in the evening where Guy Haley, Dan Hanks, Micah Yongo, Chris Panatier and myself were interviewed by Gemma Creffield, from Angry Robot books. We had a lot of fun talking about story, craft and worldbuilding. And if you’re wondering about the matching tracksuits, they all say I’m with Patton, which is a reference to something from Chris’s book, Stringers! I suggested we all dress in matching outfits like The Beastie Boys and come out to Intergalactic blasting from the speakers, but I was outvoted. Nevertheless, we had a great evening!

Special Editions

I am delighted to announce that The Broken Binding, in connection with Angry Robot books are going to be producing some special edition hardbacks of The Coward and The Warrior.

These special editions go on general sale on the 29/5/2022 at 12pm BST, from The Broken Binding website if you are interested.

These special edition sets will consist of 500 signed & numbered editions as shown below. They will have alternative cover art foils on board, four coloured end papers. They will also have stencilled edges, block sprayed top and bottom, and include a ribbon.

They will also be producing 52 special edition hardback sets, in a slipcase, with different artwork, foil on boards, gilded edges, alternative end pages, a slipcase and ribbon as well. There will only be 52 sets.

These special editions go on general sale on the 29/5/2022 at 12pm BST, from The Broken Binding website if you are interested.

Free Online Convention

Quarancon started in 2020 as a free online fantasy and SF convention because we were all locked up and not allowed to go out and play in person at events. Now, two years on, the convention is still going and it starts this week.

There are lots of panels with your favourite fantasy, horror and SF authors from all across the world. It runs from 7-11th April 2022. You can find the full schedule here, and all of the panels will be streamed via YouTube etc.

I will be appearing on 2 panels, this Friday at 9.30pm (UK time) on True Villainy.

My second panel is Saturday at 7pm on Positive Representation of Mental Health in SFF.

I’ll see you there.

Charity Cat Calendar

Are you a writer? Do you have cat? Do you want to make your cat famous and raise money for a good cause?

If you have a book in print (traditionally published, self published, small press) and a cat, then check out the following link for all the info.

Short version, cat rescue charities are often run by volunteers and they get by on donations. Even a small amount of money will help them a lot, to rescue more strays and look after cats.

We’re going to create a cat calendar for 2023 and feature cats that belong to authors, or maybe it’s the other way around. All money raised will go to help a UK charity. If you don’t have a cat but want to help, then you’ll be able to buy the calendar later this year.

All the info is here

More bookish news, and upcoming events I’ll be taking part in for the rest of 2022 will resume shortly.

January Update 2022

How it is 2022 already? What? How? The last 2 years have been…..unique.

Anyway. At the end of this month I’m taking part in an online SFF convention, TBRCon. More info is available on the Events page here. My panel is on Sunday 30th January.

Other stuff, I’m currently editing The Warrior, book 2 of 2, in the Quest for Heroes duology, from Angry Robot Books. That is coming out in August this year. We have some exciting things planned, some stuff I really can’t talk about just yet, but watch this space for more info when I can share.

I’m also busy working on a new thing. A new project. There might be some news it soon. Well, soon-ish. The first draft is done and I am waiting for news.

Don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel for author interviews with great fantasy and science fiction authors. There are also videos if you’re a writer interested in fantasy, worldbuilding, or just getting traditionally published.