Thoughts on my American trip

I recently went to America for my first trip as an author. I haven’t been to America in about fifteen years, so it was long overdue. I recently did 2 videos about the trip for my YouTube channel here. If you’re not subscribed already, then now is the time. I post weekly videos about writing advice, publishing, but also interviews and chats with other SFF authors.

The first video is about my visits to bookshops in Chicago and all of the books I picked up there, but also a bit about the convention.

The second video is more about the convention, the similarities and differences between conventions in the UK and USA, what I got up to and how I found the whole event.

January 2023 roundup

Halfway through January already and busy again. Lots of stuff going on.


The Judas Blossom (Book 1 of 3 in The Nightingale and The Falcon trilogy) has gone through the copy edits. Very soon it will be going out super early to people for cover quotes. I’ve still got the proofread stage to do before it is finished.

Book 2 is drafted and was handed in at Christmas. This month I’ve started more detailed planning and plotting for book 3. I’ll be starting to write it, probably early next month. However, I’m also cooking up ideas for what comes next. I’ve written a couple of chapters of something, just for myself, and I’m absolutely loving it. New world. New characters. I’ll write a bit more of that and plan some more, before I show it to anyone.

New Interview

I recently sat down with Richie over at The Fantasy Writers’ Toolshed to talk about The Judas Blossom and other stuff. I give some more details on the story, the era and what I’m trying to achieve with the series, as well as my writing process and other writing tips and tricks. You can listen via Spotify, iTunes etc.


Capricon 43 is only 18 days away at time of writing! The full programme schedule us now available here on the website.

I’ve got some panels, a reading and an autograph session. For those who are attending, I’ve got some free loot (limited as I’m bringing it from the UK) to give away to anyone who comes to my autograph signing or my reading session. First come first served basis.

This year I’m also going to be attending Eastercon in April in the UK in Birmingham, and Fantasycon in September (also in Birmingham) in 2023. More info on the events is on the Events page here.

I’m heading to America

This February I will be attending my first American SFF convention as a traditionally published author. I will be appearing at….

Capricon43 – 2-5th February, Chicago

I will be appearing on panels and signing books in the USA for the first time since I’ve been published. This is a 4 day convention and my first trip to Chicago as well. It’s been a few years since I visited America, so I am really looking forward to it.

Once the schedule is finished, I will be able to provide more information on which panels I’ll be on. Also, I believe they have author signing sessions, so hopefully I will be able to do one of those during the convention. I expect there will be a dealer room, but obviously you can bring your own books to get signed.

Are you a local? Or have you visited the city a lot? What are your top 3 places to eat? Remember, it’s going to the middle of winter, and the convention is being held at the Sheraton Grand Chicago Riverwalk. So, what’s really good that’s not too much of a hike?

Hopefully I will see some of you there!

Authors’ Cat Calendar 2023

I’m delighted to say the Authors’ Cat Calendar is now live. All profits go to a cat rescue charity, based in the UK.

The calendar for 2023 features cats that belong to a number of wonderful SFF authors including James Brogden, Andrea Stewart, RJ Barker, Tasha Suri, David Wragg, Cat Rambo, Nicholas Eames, Stephanie Burgis and Patrick Samphire, John Hornor Jacobs, Gabriela Houston, Stephen Deas and myself.

Follow the link below to buy your copy.

PLEASE NOTE – There are 2 identical calendars on the page. One is marked USA & Canada for people on that side of the Atlantic. The other covers the rest of the world.

This is just so that the calendar will be printed, and shipped locally, so pick the one nearest to you.

September Events Report

Fantasycon is done and dusted but since then I’ve done another one day event. Below is a quick round-up of both.

At Fantasycon in a Heathrow hotel, I had a chance to hang out with lots of authors I normally only speak to online which was a lot of fun. There are far too many to name so I won’t for embarrassment of forgetting someone. This included a gaggle of Angry Robot authors, as shown below with Gabriela Houston, Dan Hanks and Caroline Hardaker. Also in the photo are Amy and Des from Angry Robot who were there with tonnes of merchandise and proofs which they gave away. I was on two panels, one alongside Guest of Honour Liz Williams, Juliet McKenna and young gun Ryan Cahill, as shown on the right below.

I had an excellent time catching up with old friends and making a few new ones, some of who I will try to get on my YouTube channel for interviews and livestreams in the future.

On Sunday I attended an event organised by the Humber SFF people, alongside the incomparable RJ Barker. First of all we did a book signing at the Beverley Bookshop so they have signed copies of The Coward and The Warrior, plus all 3 of The Tide Child trilogy RJ. Please support your local bookshop and order direct from them, or via Hive if you are in the UK, as you can nominate a local bookshop and they receive a percentage of the sale. (Please Note this is AFTER you check out so don’t immediately click away)

The owner in Beverley was lovely, and she supplied us with tea and cakes. I ended up buying Fairy Tale by Stephen King while I was in there, as I’m keen to read it soon.

In the evening we were at the King’s Head where we both spoke about our journey to getting published, our approach to writing, editing and developing stories. We both did a short reading and then there was a Q and A session. They have more sessions coming up with other authors so you can find them on social media for more info.

More Events

There are no more events for a few weeks for me, so it’s head down on the writing. At the end of October I’ll be at Bristolcon for one day and then that’s probably it for the rest of the year as we slide into autumn and then winter.

Next year there’s Eastercon 2023, in Birmingham 7-10 April, and guests of honour have already been announced. Next October Fantasycon will also be in Birmingham, UK, so if you can attend I highly recommend it. Keep an eye on the BFS website here for more info.

Books and Reviews

As ever, if you have any read any of my books and have enjoyed them, consider leaving a review as it can really help others discover them. The Warrior is available now from all good bookshops, links below.

USA and Canada – Amazon.comAmazon.caBarnes and Noble,

In the UK –, Waterstones, WH Smith, From the publisher (Angry Robot Books), from a local bookshop via Hive