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February worklog

I thought I would do a quick post about what I’m up to at the moment on various things.

So, book 2, Bloodmage, is completely done and dusted. My publisher, Orbit books, has just sent me the latest version of the cover and I think it looks really good. So that is all set to come out in April.

In about a week’s time the copy edits on book 3, currently untitled, will be coming back to me. I’ve then got a couple of weeks to turn it around and send it back to the publisher. After that, a few weeks later, I get a physical proof.

So at the moment I have a window of time where I’m not writing. I won’t lie. It’s weird. After doing it all the time, almost every day, to suddenly not be working on a novel seems odd.

Not writing at all doesn’t sit right with me, so I’m writing down notes for the next big thing. In theory it will be a new trilogy, but it is very early days, so that might change. In the meantime I’m also working on what is currently a novelette, but depending on how long it runs, it might turn into a novella. It’s set in the same world as the Age of Darkness, and it shines the light on a couple of characters. It is an interesting side adventure they went on together. Chronologically it’s set before Battlemage, so it doesn’t spoil anything, but if you’ve read book 1 already then there are pay-offs.

I’ve just finished doing an Author roundtable Q and A over at SFF World which you can read here. The questions were mostly about process  and more general as there were three of us.

The comic book projects roll on. Flux, co-written with Pete Rogers is going well. We’ve just finished the Issue 3 script (out of 4) and we’re fairly happy with it. Artwork for issue 2 is still coming in and we’re going to start working on Issue 4, and extra content soon. I’ve also got about nine ideas written down for some other mini series and am having trouble deciding what to pursue next. I think a bit of a head to head Skype chat with Pete is what is required.

The podcasting is still going well. I have monthly chats with Scott for CBO and the same with Pete for Bags of Action, where we talk action movies. Later this month I’ll be doing face to face podcasts with both of them, which will be weird, as you learn certain rhythms when doing it over the internet. Seeing the person talk is just odd. Pete and I recently saw Creed, so we’ll be talking about that very soon for Bags. We’re both big fans of the Rocky franchise so it will be an interesting discussion.

Soon I’ll be announcing some events in the UK for the launch of Bloodmage in April, so keep checking back. The first of these as gone up already on the Events page, and I will add more when confirmed. I suspect I’ll be attending a couple of conventions this year but I’m not sure where or when yet. Pie in the sky idea for 2017 is to attend NYCC in October, but right now it’s just a cool idea. Let’s see if it actually happens.

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Interview with me at SFF World

Following on from the review of Battlemage over at SFF World by Mark Chitty, he also did a long interview with me about my début novel, world building, my influences and all sorts of things. The questions went in some interesting and unexpected directions. Some of them also made me take a step back and analyse some of the decisions I made when writing the first in this series.

We also chatted about how I found an agent, comic books and what I get up to in my spare time, such as podcasting. I co-host a monthly geek related podcast, CBO, and also for fun co-host Bags of Action. The podcast is all about action films and every month Pete and I talk about high octane, ridiculous action films and why we love them so much. Both shows are on iTunes as well if you want to download them from there.

I’ve just moved into a new house, and after a week of being offline I am now sorting through my emails and still unpacking a mountain of boxes. Time to get back to it.

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In Transit

I’m currently in the middle of moving house, so I’m neck deep in boxes in every room in the entire house! And we keep finding stuff we’ve forgotten about, but we are gradually getting there. Kind of.

In the meantime to avoid having to read about my packing techniques to avoid making a box too heavy, here are a couple of new Battlemage things.

I used to do a book blog called Walker of Worlds, with my old chum, Mark Chitty. We were a good pairing as he favoured SF and I favoured Fantasy novels so together we covered a lot of ground. WoW went away but Mark has recently brought it back to life again, plus he does some work over at SFF World.

Mark recently reviewed Battlemage and his review is quite detailed but it doesn’t actually contain any major spoilers. There is also a bit more biography information about me on there too. Next week Mark will be posting a long interview we did this week about Battlemage, writing and my approach, my influences and all sorts of stuff. So watch for that as I will retweet it and repost it everywhere, like my Facebook page.

I also did a Five Favourite Wizards guest post for those good people over at Fantasy Faction. I chose five quite different wizards on purpose, and even one from comics. I should point out, in case it’s not clear, these are not the five most powerful wizards. They are also not my five most favourite wizards ever, just five from the hundred or so I could name. There seemed to be some confusion around this over on Reddit Fantasy where I posted the link.

In the meantime, with Battlemage out there in the world, the countdown now begins for Bloodmage, book 2 in the Age of Darkness trilogy, which is due out next year in about six months. More news, cover art and blurb info, when I have it!




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