Interview with me at SFF World

Following on from the review of Battlemage over at SFF World by Mark Chitty, he also did a long interview with me about my début novel, world building, my influences and all sorts of things. The questions went in some interesting and unexpected directions. Some of them also made me take a step back and analyse some of the decisions I made when writing the first in this series.

We also chatted about how I found an agent, comic books and what I get up to in my spare time, such as podcasting. I co-host a monthly geek related podcast, CBO, and also for fun co-host Bags of Action. The podcast is all about action films and every month Pete and I talk about high octane, ridiculous action films and why we love them so much. Both shows are on iTunes as well if you want to download them from there.

I’ve just moved into a new house, and after a week of being offline I am now sorting through my emails and still unpacking a mountain of boxes. Time to get back to it.

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