In Transit

I’m currently in the middle of moving house, so I’m neck deep in boxes in every room in the entire house! And we keep finding stuff we’ve forgotten about, but we are gradually getting there. Kind of.

In the meantime to avoid having to read about my packing techniques to avoid making a box too heavy, here are a couple of new Battlemage things.

I used to do a book blog called Walker of Worlds, with my old chum, Mark Chitty. We were a good pairing as he favoured SF and I favoured Fantasy novels so together we covered a lot of ground. WoW went away but Mark has recently brought it back to life again, plus he does some work over at SFF World.

Mark recently reviewed Battlemage and his review is quite detailed but it doesn’t actually contain any major spoilers. There is also a bit more biography information about me on there too. Next week Mark will be posting a long interview we did this week about Battlemage, writing and my approach, my influences and all sorts of stuff. So watch for that as I will retweet it and repost it everywhere, like my Facebook page.

I also did a Five Favourite Wizards guest post for those good people over at Fantasy Faction. I chose five quite different wizards on purpose, and even one from comics. I should point out, in case it’s not clear, these are not the five most powerful wizards. They are also not my five most favourite wizards ever, just five from the hundred or so I could name. There seemed to be some confusion around this over on Reddit Fantasy where I posted the link.

In the meantime, with Battlemage out there in the world, the countdown now begins for Bloodmage, book 2 in the Age of Darkness trilogy, which is due out next year in about six months. More news, cover art and blurb info, when I have it!




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