Second Act

This month has been crazy busy. I’ve just moved house to a new area, am still neck deep in boxes, my job situation has kind of changed, so there’s been a lot of adjustments to make. And a lot of stress from the house move too. Looking in the mirror I definitely saw more white in my hair after an awful moving day, but that’s another story.

In the meantime, I’m now kind of in my second act as a writer. The first trilogy is done, for the most part. Book 1, Battlemage, is out there in the wide world. Book 2 is completely edited and now is with the publisher to turn the manuscript into a real physical book. I’ve not seen a cover yet for Bloodmage but that is in the works too. The first draft of book 3, yet to be titled, is with the publisher for review, so that leaves me to ponder what next.

I’m thinking it will definitely be another trilogy. I’m setting it in the same world, a few years after the events of the first trilogy and right now I’m pondering a few different ideas. Part of me is panicking that I’m not writing, because for the last two years I’ve always been writing. There hasn’t been a week where I wasn’t writing, in order to meet my deadlines. Now I’m doing that purely thinking thing while not writing something else, and I’ve not done that in a few years so it’s weird and in some ways feels like a step back in time as I’m now working without a deadline.

I’m also trying to do the relaxing thing. Whatever that is! But it is kind of important for lots of reasons, not only to recharge my batteries, but also the more I feed my brain good stuff, the better it seems to work as good story feeds it. Whether it’s TV, books, films, comics or even games, engaging with good stories and good characters makes me want to rise to the occasion. I’m also trying to sleep more than before, which should also help rest my brain a bit.

So it feels like I’m on holiday in a way. The day job is also keeping me busy, which is actually good, because my brain ticks along in the background while doing something else and ideas creep through the cracks while at work. So I’m often scribbling down notes. Sitting at a desk hammering my head against the keyboard for 20 hours straight will not work. It never has. So I’m trying to remind myself that everything I’m doing right now is normal and natural and that I’ve been here before. But it still feels weird.

In the meantime, I’m busy with a couple of events. Tomorrow I’m at SLEDGE-LIT, a one day event in Derby. And on December 10th I’m doing my first AMA over on Reddit Fantasy, so pop by and as the title says, ask me anything about writing or real ale or whatever you fancy.


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