May Update

the coward book cover

We’re getting through May which means the publication of The Coward is nearly here. As you might imagine, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. Here’s some stuff I can share that’s going to happen soon.

You can pre-order copies from just about everywhere and here’s a handy link with a lot of buying options, depending on where you are in the world.

In conversation with David Walters – FanFiAddict

I’ll be in conversation, live with David Walters, over on his YouTube channel on Wednesday 2nd June at 8pm (UK time). If you tune in you’ll find the two of us chatting about fantasy and SF, TV and films, conventions, and you can ask questions in the chatroom about my books, writing and publishing.

You can subscribe to his YouTube channel here, and there are lots of other great author interviews to watch in the meantime. There are also a couple of panels I took part in from a few months back as part of TBRCon so you can watch even more of me if you really wanted.

Forbidden Planet Live Event – Online

On Wednesday 9th June at 7pm (UK time) there is an event with Ed Cox and I, in conversation and editor extraordinaire, Simon Spanton will be moderating our chat.

Admission to this exclusive event is FREE with the purchase of either a  signed copy of The Wood Bee Queen or a signed copy of The Coward – available to order here. And in fact this weekend I am going to my local Forbidden Planet store to sign their stock of The Coward and I suspect Ed will be doing the same at his local branch. So you have 3 weeks to sort this out. If you just want to buy a signed copy of The Coward then you can do that directly on the Forbidden Planet website here.

Signed Books at The Broken Binding

In addition to signed copies of The Coward, there are also signed copies of all of my books available from The Broken Binding. The website has a lot of awesome signed books with bookplates. The bonus for me is they are fairly local in the UK, so I can drop by and sign books directly without bookplates. So it’s possible to get a completely signed set of all seven of my books. That’s never been available before anywhere so that’s utterly unique to The Broken Binding.

There will be a lot of blog posts and articles in the coming weeks. As ever the best place to keep up to date on all my news is here and via Twitter.

YouTube Channel

Just before I go, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, where I have writing advice videos and lots of author interviews. I have chatted with lots of great fantasy and science fiction authors such as Nicholas Eames, Anna Stephens, RJ Barker, Steve McHugh, Angus Watson, Gabriella Houston, Barry Nugent, Stephen Deas, Mike Shackle, Andrea Stewart, Tim Pratt, Ben Galley and Jeremy Szal.

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