April Update

Quarancon 2021

This Thursday night at 7pm (UK time) I’ll be taking part once again in Quarancon. This is a totally FREE online science fiction and fantasy convention with panels. It runs April 8th to April 12th. The panels will be broadcast live on YouTube and then available soon after if you didn’t watch them live, but if you do watch live then you have an opportunity to ask the panellists questions.

The full schedule for the convention is here. And the YouTube channel is here.

To Wait, Or to Buy

There’s a great article you should read that looks at the impact those people who wait for the last book in a series to be published before picking up the first and the impact that can have on the book writing business. For mid-list writers like me, if people wait then it can mean that a series is cancelled by the publisher before it finishes and the end never arrives.

The article talks to several authors about their experiences and how it impacted their work.

New Author Interviews

I’ve recently done some new author interviews. Last week I spoke to Gabriela Houston, a debut fantasy novelist, about her Slavic-folklore inspired fantasy book, The Second Bell. We talked about her influences, getting published, trying to explain things to non-writers and in part 2 I also go into a bit of detail about the genesis of The Coward. Also if you’ve not already, please subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Before Gabriela I spoke to Peter McLean who contributed to the above the article and he talks about the fact that despite his books being optioned for TV, the series was still cancelled by his American publisher and if not for his UK publisher it would not have concluded. We discussed this a little in his interview with me as well.

Book News

The new, secret, book is currently with my agent and I’m awaiting feedback on the first draft. In the meantime I’m working on my grimdark-ish, fantasy crime novella. It’s weird, and possibly niche, so who knows where it will turn up and I may end up self-publishing it, but it’s very early days at the moment.

In the meantime the countdown begins to The Coward. Only a couple of months away now. So expect more interviews and blog posts about it in the near future. It’s available to pre-order from all good bookshops here.

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