July update

Tomorrow The Coward will have been out for a month. It’s been a hectic time, that’s for sure. Lots of interviews, blog posts, live events, social media reviews and Instagram stories. The book and I have been everywhere. The reception has been very positive but it’s still not over yet.

Reddit AMA
This Friday on Reddit/fantasy I’ll be taking part in an AMA with other Angry Robot authors from 8pm UK time for a couple of hours.

Online Event
On Wednesday 21st July at 7pm (UK time) Glasgow in 2024 and Angry Robot Books presents Bastards, and Battles, and Banter. Cameron Johnston and I will be in conversation to talk about our new books. The event is FREE and more info is available here.

Until recently I wasn’t sure if I would be attending any events in person. This whole year has been pretty unpredictable and there’s more uncertainty ahead. However, at the present time, I have now signed up to attend my first convention in 2021. I will be attending Fantasycon 2021 in Birmingham on September 24-26.

More information is about the event is available at the link above. I have put my name forward to be on some panels, but if I’m not on any then I will be hanging around, probably in the bar. 

YouTube channel for writers
In addition to working on stuff related to my books I’ve been doing lots of interviews with other authors, talking about how they started writing, found an agent, how they were published (traditionally or self published). We get into all sorts of areas like worldbuilding, characters, how they plan their stories or not. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel for weekly videos about writing from lots of SFF writers.

Signed Books
If you want to get a hold of signed copies of The Coward but also any of my other books then The Broken Binding has copies. They are local to me so I’m hand signing everything, not using bookplates. They have lots of other SFF books that are signed or have bookplates, so take a look, and they ship worldwide.

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