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October and November events

It’s less than a month until Mageborn is launched so in a few weeks time I will be leaving the writing cave and venturing out into the wide world to meet other people. Seeing an author in the wild is a rare event so you should try to get to at least one of these events before they go back into hibernation for winter.

Both of the Mageborn events are free but you need to contact the organisers to reserve a seat.

Wednesday 4th October – Birmingham Waterstones – RJ Barker and I will be in conversation, with Tom Bissell setting the questions. We’ll be talking about being a published author, magic, world building and having a bit of fun, and maybe a beer or two.

Thursday 5th October – Blackwell’s Bookshop in London – This time I’ll be sitting down with the fantastic Ed Cox for some one on one discussion about writing other races, magic in our worlds and our origin stories. I’ve sat with Ed before on panels but never had a chance to do a proper uninterrupted chat so I think it will be a really interesting discussion.

End of October – I’m probably going to be appearing at another event in London, more info when I have it.

Sledge Lit – Saturday 25th November – This one day event in Derby will have a host of fantasy and science fiction writers on panels talking about all manner of things related to fantasy, science fiction and horror. There will be workshops as well and there are guests of honour. I’ll be on some panels and signing books. You have to buy a ticket to attend this one day event.

That should be it before Christmas, but you never know…..


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Feb – More events and stuff

Eesh, it’s already been a couple of weeks already since my last post. This is going to be a quick one. So book stuff first, then some event stuff, and then some award stuff.

Book 4

We’ve settled on a title for book 4 (the first in the new Age of Dread trilogy). However, now comes the part where the publisher goes away to check it doesn’t already exist, so unfortunately I can’t reveal it just yet. I’ve also sent in some thoughts for the cover and I’m in the middle of my edits. So book 4 continues to roll forward at a good pace and it will be a real, shiny, physical thing by October of this year. That seems so far away and yet also just around the corner.


I’m doing another one with those lovely people at Waterstones in Birmingham. Only this time it’s not a publishing workshop, it’s just an evening of SFF goodness alongside two other local authors,  James Brogden and Ren Warom. It’s on Friday 10th March at 6.30pm, and you need to get in touch with Waterstones to reserve a seat, but the event is FREE. We’ll be chatting about our work, influences, getting published and whatever else comes into our heads. So come along, get some books signed and enjoy!

Don’t forget I’m also going to be at Eastercon in April, 14-17th, at the Hilton Metropole, in Birmingham, which is basically right next door to the NEC and super easy to get to via train from Birmingham International. I’m hoping to be on some panels but no news yet.

Battlemage shortlisted for Hellfest Inferno Prize

Battlemage has been shortlisted by my French publisher, Bragelonne, for the first Hellfest Inferno Prize! Hellfest Inferno is a readers’ choice award launched by Bragelonne and Hellfest, a very famous French metal music festival. Voting is via the following website where you can win a 3 day free pass to the Hellfest festival and voting closes on March 6th with the winner announced later in the month, so get voting!

That’s it for now, I’m off to do some more editing.

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January – quick update

Happy New Year! Just a few quick things to mention.


My interview with Mur Lafferty on the I Should Be Writing podcast ep369 is now available on iTunes and also here on her website.

So if you’re an aspiring author and want to hear some good and varied advice from all kinds of authors, then check out the podcast.


In about two weeks time I’m at Birmingham Waterstones for a publishing workshop on How to edit your novel alongside 2 other authors (Gemma Todd and Gillian McAllister) and an editor/agent (Amanda Rutter). The event is free and tickets are still available. Contact the bookshop to reserve a seat.

We’ll be talking about our experiences with editing our novels, the standard steps a novel goes through when you work with an agent and then an editor at a publisher. We’ll also be answering questions from the audience and there will be copies of my books and Gemma’s first awesome book, Defender, if you want signed copies.


This is an annual convention that moves around the country which is organised by a different group of people each year. For 2017 the event is called Innominate and is being held in Birmingham at the Hilton hotel from 14-17th April.

I’ll be attending the event, hopefully on a panel or two, and will be hanging around all weekend so will be signing books and probably chatting in the bar! If you’ve never been to an event like this before then I would recommend it. You could just come along for the day, sit in some talks and panels, meet some authors and just relax with a crowd of people with common interests.

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Bloodmage Launch – Birmingham

Last week was the official launch of Bloodmage, book 2 in the Age of Darkness trilogy, at Waterstones in Birmingham. The shop is amazing. It’s six floors full of books, which sounds like heaven to me! I could spend days in there if they’d let me, and they serve food and drink in the cafes, so I wouldn’t starve.

Bloodmage - Age of Darkness - Birmingham2






The launch was a great success and I met some lovely people who had read Battlemage and were keen for some answers about what was going to happen next in the trilogy and beyond that.

Bloodmage - Age of Darkness - Birmingham






After the Q and A I did a new reading from Bloodmage that seemed to well and got a few chuckles. I also signed a few books too and had an encounter with an odd man that kept offering people some of his slice of cake…for some reason. I think we were all supposed to be helping him with his diet.

Bloodmage - Age of Darkness - Birmingham3











Thanks to everyone for coming along on a very rainy and stormy night. Special thanks to the booksellers who were very lovely and took very good care of me. In two weeks I’m off on tour, and I’ll be heading to Sheffield, Middlesbrough and then back to my home town of Whitley Bay.

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Battlemage launch

Last week was the northern launch of Battlemage at Waterstones in Leeds, my local bookshop. It was a weird and wonderful night. Weird because I’ve gone to so many similar events in the past, sat in the audience, and listened to an author talk about their book and their world. So when I arrived and saw all of those chairs in front of those Waterstones banners a part of me was waiting for the writer to arrive.

Battlemage_Leeds_3 22 Sept 2015


It turned out to be a lovely event, and it was great to have so many local friends come out to see me, hear me talk about the long journey to getting the book published, and of course getting a copy signed.

This week marked the London launch of my book, which began with a signing event at Forbidden Planet where some of my family attended, making it very special. Danie and the staff there were kind and looked after me very well. I signed some stock, shook some hands, took some photos and had a great time. So if you want a signed copy then take a look here.

Battlemage_Forbidden_Planet_29 Sept 2015 2










After that I went across to the Grange Holborn Hotel to the Sky Bar for the September Super Relaxed Fantasy Club, hosted by the most excellent Den Patrick and Jen Williams.

I gave a short reading from Battlemage, and then there was a Q and A session which seemed to go really well. I was pretty nervous to start with, but once it got going my nerves disappeared and I had to just try not to speak too quickly. It really helped having my family there, and so many friends and familiar faces in the crowd.

The venue was really lovely as well with amazing views across London, and later in the evening when it was dark I saw the London Eye and other landmarks all lit up. I’m probably in London two or three times a year maximum so it all added up to make it a bit special.

So, Battlemage is out there now in the wild. In America,  all across the UK (as people have been sending me photos of copies in their local bookshop) and  by now all around the world.

In the next few of months I’ll be at a couple of events, starting later this month at Fantasycon in Nottingham, and then in November I’m a guest at the SLEDGE-LIT one day event in Derby. After that it will be Christmas before I realise, then in the new year, the cycle begins again as we build up to the launch of Bloodmage, book 2 in the Age of Darkness trilogy! But for now….I’m going to have a bit of a rest.

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Battlemage in the wild

Battlemage comes out in a couple of days, but already a number of stores have copies available and on sale. I’ve been to my local Waterstones in Leeds and I saw it on the shelf which was weird and cool and exciting and scary.

Battlemage - Stephen Aryan Leeds


A friend in York has mentioned it’s on sale there too and the image below was taken at Bradford Waterstones. Battlemage is keeping some very good company there wedged between Brent Weeks, Sir Terry Pratchett, and with Trudi Canavan, Robert Jordan on top and Neil Gaiman on the bottom. It’s all starting to feel a little more real now! If you see a copy of it anywhere in your local bookshop in the UK, or in Germany as I believe it is due out there  very soon, then let me know.

Battlemage - Bradford Waterstones



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