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French Interview

Earlier this year I went on a very quick overnight visit to Paris to attend an event to celebrate the first Hellfest Inferno Prize. This was at the offices of my French publisher, Bragelonne, and it was also my first trip ever to France. It was a great party atmosphere and everyone was having a lot of fun, as the video shows.

I was a finalist up against some incredible fantasy writers and was delighted to be nominated. After a public vote I was announced as the winner.

Below is a link to an interview in English with French subtitles I conducted while I was there, intercut with me picking up the award, talking about my books and my influences. There are no spoilers in the video so it doesn’t reveal anything from the plot.

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Trilogy Power Up

bragelonne France - Battlemage






I’m very happy to announce that Bragelonne has picked up the French rights to all three books in the Battlemage trilogy. It’s an amazing feeling to get picked up by one publisher, but to know people will be reading your books in other countries around the world is kind of mind boggling, but so exciting. I can’t wait to see the French version of the covers and see how they interpret the characters.

So now that’s France, Germany, Russian (for book 1 so far) and of course the UK and USA with Orbit, my publisher.

I’ve also seen a sneaky version of the cover of Battlemage, book 1, but it’s not quite ready yet to show anyone as it needs some fiddling. But it’s not far away, so watch this place in the next few months.

I still need to get that world map so I can colour in countries I’ve conquered with the book.


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