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London Comic Con Schedule

MCM London Comic Con

The MCM London Comic Con has updated their website and added the Author Corner section. So I can now provide details of the panels I will be taking part in, on Sunday 28th May. There are panels throughout the weekend so follow the link above for information on all of the panels, and my two are detailed below.

There will definitely be a signing after the first panel, I’m not sure about after the second. I hope to see some of you there.

Orbit Presents:  Old Vs New

Orbit has been publishing the best genre fiction since time began.  Okay.  That part we made up, but they have been in the game for a very long time.  Forty years to be exact!  And we figured the perfect way to celebrate that milestone would be to team a bunch of veteran Orbit writers against a bunch of rookie Orbit writers and watch the sparks fly!  Join veteran authors M.R. Carey, Claire North, Stephen Aryan and Jamie Sawyer as they go up against young guns Nicholas Eames, RJ Barker, Jason Arnopp and Adrian Selby in a battle of steely wills and wily wit.  Actually they’ll probably just shout juvenile insults at each other but it should be fun to watch nonetheless.

  • Time: Sunday 28th May, 11:15am – 12:30pm
  • Room: Lower Platinum Suite
  • Author Signing

It’s Clobbering Time – Fighting & Fantasy:

Everyone loves a good fight, especially in fantasy, and the nastier the better.  Join authors Ed McDonald, Jen Williams, RJ Barker, Stephen Aryan, Nicholas Eames and Ed Cox as they talk about what it takes to write a great fight scene.

  • Time: Sunday 28th May, 2:15pm – 3:30pm
  • Room: Lower Platinum

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FantasyCon 2014

This year FantasyCon, the British Fantasy Convention, is in York, next weekend in fact, and there are lots of top guests of honour and many panels and shenanigans over the three days. After a very busy Nine Worlds, I’m looking forward to a much more relaxed FantasyCon.

And yet, somehow I’m now on a panel on Friday at 7pm:-

7.00pm – Podcasting for beginners
What makes a really good podcast? Which are the ones you should be listening to? How can you make your own?
Peter Newman (m), Alasdair Stuart, Emma Newman, Jennifer Williams, Stephen Aryan

There are lots of great panels going on, but the other thing I would like to point out that I think will be special, and you really should attend, is the Super Relaxed Fantasy Club on Saturday night at 9pm. There will be several readings from authors and a very interesting interview, more info soon.

The full schedule is here

Apart from that I’ll be wandering around, sat in panels, or in the bar I’m sure. Say hello if you see me.

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