Changing media over the last decade

About this time of year people typically post things about what they’ve done over the last year, or even the last decade. I thought about it, but decided not to do that. I could list some of the TV and films I’ve watched but there’s too much and picking out favourites is difficult. Instead I’mContinue reading “Changing media over the last decade”

Mass Effect Trilogy

I don’t normally post about games, mostly because I describe myself as these days a lapsed gamer. I used to play a lot more, as I had more time, and have been playing MMORPGs since the beginning with the first Everquest. Before that I’ve been playing computer games since we had personal computers (yes, IContinue reading “Mass Effect Trilogy”

November round up

A general update on what’s been going on for the last month or thereabouts. Starting with some book news. Book 4 The first draft of book 4 (currently untitled), the first book in the new Age of Dread trilogy, has been sent off to my publisher. Phew. I got it in a couple of weeksContinue reading “November round up”

Star Trek Online

For many years I bought games consoles, stretching right back to the Master System from Sega, before the Megadrive, and happily spent countless hours racing through levels as Sonic and many other characters. I’ve not kept up and am a lapsed console gamer, having pretty much switched to PC for the last ten years orContinue reading “Star Trek Online”

Blue Elf Needs Food Badly

That title is probably confusing unless like me you grew up playing the computer game Gauntlet. This is an old school dungeon crawler where you look down on your character and wade through a seemingly endless series of dungeons battling thousands of minions alongside your fellow heroes. It was a multi-player game, which sounds likeContinue reading “Blue Elf Needs Food Badly”

World Fantasy Con and Tabletop

Later this month I will be attending my first World Fantasy Convention. I’ve been to many different conventions over the years, but never this one, and never one this big before. WFC is also a bit different. It has not been in the UK for a few years, is typically held in the US orContinue reading “World Fantasy Con and Tabletop”

The evolution of MMOs

I’ve been playing computer games at home since they’ve been available. All the way back to the ZX Spectrum 81, which took forever to load, crashed all the time, and was a spaceship of blocks shooting aliens made of other blocks. Not quite Pong, but not far off. Zoom forward a couple of decades andContinue reading “The evolution of MMOs”