July update

Tomorrow The Coward will have been out for a month. It’s been a hectic time, that’s for sure. Lots of interviews, blog posts, live events, social media reviews and Instagram stories. The book and I have been everywhere. The reception has been very positive but it’s still not over yet.

Reddit AMA
This Friday on Reddit/fantasy I’ll be taking part in an AMA with other Angry Robot authors from 8pm UK time for a couple of hours.

Online Event
On Wednesday 21st July at 7pm (UK time) Glasgow in 2024 and Angry Robot Books presents Bastards, and Battles, and Banter. Cameron Johnston and I will be in conversation to talk about our new books. The event is FREE and more info is available here.

Until recently I wasn’t sure if I would be attending any events in person. This whole year has been pretty unpredictable and there’s more uncertainty ahead. However, at the present time, I have now signed up to attend my first convention in 2021. I will be attending Fantasycon 2021 in Birmingham on September 24-26.

More information is about the event is available at the link above. I have put my name forward to be on some panels, but if I’m not on any then I will be hanging around, probably in the bar. 

YouTube channel for writers
In addition to working on stuff related to my books I’ve been doing lots of interviews with other authors, talking about how they started writing, found an agent, how they were published (traditionally or self published). We get into all sorts of areas like worldbuilding, characters, how they plan their stories or not. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel for weekly videos about writing from lots of SFF writers.

Signed Books
If you want to get a hold of signed copies of The Coward but also any of my other books then The Broken Binding has copies. They are local to me so I’m hand signing everything, not using bookplates. They have lots of other SFF books that are signed or have bookplates, so take a look, and they ship worldwide.

May Update

the coward book cover

We’re getting through May which means the publication of The Coward is nearly here. As you might imagine, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. Here’s some stuff I can share that’s going to happen soon.

You can pre-order copies from just about everywhere and here’s a handy link with a lot of buying options, depending on where you are in the world.

In conversation with David Walters – FanFiAddict

I’ll be in conversation, live with David Walters, over on his YouTube channel on Wednesday 2nd June at 8pm (UK time). If you tune in you’ll find the two of us chatting about fantasy and SF, TV and films, conventions, and you can ask questions in the chatroom about my books, writing and publishing.

You can subscribe to his YouTube channel here, and there are lots of other great author interviews to watch in the meantime. There are also a couple of panels I took part in from a few months back as part of TBRCon so you can watch even more of me if you really wanted.

Forbidden Planet Live Event – Online

On Wednesday 9th June at 7pm (UK time) there is an event with Ed Cox and I, in conversation and editor extraordinaire, Simon Spanton will be moderating our chat.

Admission to this exclusive event is FREE with the purchase of either a  signed copy of The Wood Bee Queen or a signed copy of The Coward – available to order here. And in fact this weekend I am going to my local Forbidden Planet store to sign their stock of The Coward and I suspect Ed will be doing the same at his local branch. So you have 3 weeks to sort this out. If you just want to buy a signed copy of The Coward then you can do that directly on the Forbidden Planet website here.

Signed Books at The Broken Binding

In addition to signed copies of The Coward, there are also signed copies of all of my books available from The Broken Binding. The website has a lot of awesome signed books with bookplates. The bonus for me is they are fairly local in the UK, so I can drop by and sign books directly without bookplates. So it’s possible to get a completely signed set of all seven of my books. That’s never been available before anywhere so that’s utterly unique to The Broken Binding.

There will be a lot of blog posts and articles in the coming weeks. As ever the best place to keep up to date on all my news is here and via Twitter.

YouTube Channel

Just before I go, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, where I have writing advice videos and lots of author interviews. I have chatted with lots of great fantasy and science fiction authors such as Nicholas Eames, Anna Stephens, RJ Barker, Steve McHugh, Angus Watson, Gabriella Houston, Barry Nugent, Stephen Deas, Mike Shackle, Andrea Stewart, Tim Pratt, Ben Galley and Jeremy Szal.

April Update

Quarancon 2021

This Thursday night at 7pm (UK time) I’ll be taking part once again in Quarancon. This is a totally FREE online science fiction and fantasy convention with panels. It runs April 8th to April 12th. The panels will be broadcast live on YouTube and then available soon after if you didn’t watch them live, but if you do watch live then you have an opportunity to ask the panellists questions.

The full schedule for the convention is here. And the YouTube channel is here.

To Wait, Or to Buy

There’s a great article you should read that looks at the impact those people who wait for the last book in a series to be published before picking up the first and the impact that can have on the book writing business. For mid-list writers like me, if people wait then it can mean that a series is cancelled by the publisher before it finishes and the end never arrives.

The article talks to several authors about their experiences and how it impacted their work.

New Author Interviews

I’ve recently done some new author interviews. Last week I spoke to Gabriela Houston, a debut fantasy novelist, about her Slavic-folklore inspired fantasy book, The Second Bell. We talked about her influences, getting published, trying to explain things to non-writers and in part 2 I also go into a bit of detail about the genesis of The Coward. Also if you’ve not already, please subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Before Gabriela I spoke to Peter McLean who contributed to the above the article and he talks about the fact that despite his books being optioned for TV, the series was still cancelled by his American publisher and if not for his UK publisher it would not have concluded. We discussed this a little in his interview with me as well.

Book News

The new, secret, book is currently with my agent and I’m awaiting feedback on the first draft. In the meantime I’m working on my grimdark-ish, fantasy crime novella. It’s weird, and possibly niche, so who knows where it will turn up and I may end up self-publishing it, but it’s very early days at the moment.

In the meantime the countdown begins to The Coward. Only a couple of months away now. So expect more interviews and blog posts about it in the near future. It’s available to pre-order from all good bookshops here.

March Update

Just a quick update on what’s going on with various projects.

The Coward – It’s just under 3 months until the book is published on 8th June. I’m busy working with the publisher on various things to get the word out. So closer to the time expect a flurry of posts, interviews and so on. I expect more individual reviews to start coming in fairly soon from those who received advanced reading copies of the book. It will also be available on NetGalley very soon, so more people will be picking it up there to read and review ahead of publication.

I should also point out that book 2 of 2 in the series (it’s a duology NOT a trilogy) is written and the first draft is with my publisher. I will begin edits on that later in the year.

The New Book – This is the first in a new trilogy. I can’t say very much about it, not even the title, mostly because it’s very likely the title will change from my original! However, what I can say is that the first draft of this book is done. It’s also a bit of a whopper for me. My books tends to drift in the 110-130K space, but this is currently 146K, and I suspect with editing and later drafts it will only increase and easily break the 150K mark. So maybe 550-600 pages in a normal book. Maybe.

This book was difficult to write for a number of reasons, which is actually a good thing, as it challenged me. I never want to write the same thing twice and become lazy and predictable. It’s very different to anything I’ve done before but it’s also closer to our own world than any of my other books. It is fantasy, and is not historical fantasy, but it does have historic elements. Ugh. It’s hard to talk about. Let’s just say it’s inspired by historic events but there’s a lot of creativity in there as well.

Weird Book – So with the New Book sent off to my agent for feedback, I’m moved back to working on Weird Book. This is an odd project. I previously abandoned it as I didn’t know know if it would find a home and still don’t. It’s a very cross-genre book. It’s different there again to all my other books and an odd duck. I’m enjoying writing it though and it is stretching different muscles, so that’s a good thing.

SF Book – This is something I’ve co-written, also a first. We have a first draft but after some thought and discussion, we felt that we had only scratched the surface of the world we created. So we’re going back to the drawing board and are in the process of restructuring it and rebuilding it, to focus on other areas and I think it will be much better for the additional work. It’s a backburner project, so we are not rushing it. Co-writing is another challenge which keeps me fresh and open-minded.

Other Projects – There are a couple of screenwriting irons in the fire but no news to report on them. Early days but they are ticking along nicely.

That’s about it for the time being. I’m still doing interviews and writing advice videos over on my YouTube channel here, so take a look and subscribe. My most recent interview was with Andrea Stewart, the author of The Bone Shard Daughter.

Making notes on ideas for book 2 of the new trilogy, and scribbling down things for what I want to do after that. Hopefully 2021 will be a better year and by 2022 I’ll be able to walk into a bookshop and attend events in person. Fingers crossed.

First review of The Coward

the coward book cover

Publishers Weekly is the first mainstream industry website to review The Coward. They have normal reviews and then starred reviews.

The Coward received a starred review.

The review in full said:

Aryan (Battlemage) takes an unlikely band of heroes on a nail-biting trek into a frozen world in this impressive fantasy, the first in the Quest for Heroes series. The legend of Kell Kressia is celebrated throughout the Five Kingdoms. Kell, initially an unwanted tagalong with the land’s greatest heroes as they set out to kill the Ice Lich that brought a killing winter down upon their world, is the one who beheaded the Lich and returned as the expedition’s only survivor. But Kell harbors deep guilt over the secret that his success was pure luck—and that his martyred fellows were all horrifically flawed.

Now 10 years later, a new threat rises in the Frozen North, and Kell is the natural choice to put it down. He reluctantly takes up the mission, joined by a small band of warriors and misfits, each with secrets of their own. Hunted by humans and horrors, they face reckonings with Kell’s guilt and their world’s past.

Packing in an epic’s worth of action and feeling, this thought-provoking fantasy argues that even the most vicious monster battles are less harrowing than the struggles within men’s souls. This is a knockout.

TBRcon21 – SFF convention Jan 25th-30th

Next week, starting on Monday 25th January and running through to will be TBR (to be read) convention 21, a totally FREE online science fiction and fantasy convention with over dozens of authors taking part. There is a live D and D session and also book giveaways.

There will a lot of panels, and all information is shown below with dates and times. It will be streamed live on a number of different platforms (Twitch, Facebook Live and YouTube). However, if you can’t watch any panels live, you can watch them again later.

You can sign up now to the following links so you don’t miss out and can watch any panels later that you miss.


As this virtual convention is free to everyone, and all of the authors are giving their time for free, the organiser are accepting donations to charities, if you enjoy the event and can afford to do so. There will be links for each charity on every panel, however, they are also available now if you want to immediately donate, on the website of the convention organiser, David Walters, which you can see here. The three charities are Shelter, No Kid Hungry and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

As mentioned there are a lot of authors involved so I can’t list all of them here, but some of the people involved are Steven Erikson, Peter V. Brett, John Gwynne, Sebastian de Castell, Mike Shackle, Andrea Stewart, Adrian Tchaikovsky, RJ Barker, Anna Stephens, Mike Carey, Evan Winter, R.F Kuang, Nicholas Eames and Peter McLean.

I’ll be appearing on a panel on Friday 28th January. I hope to see some of you there.

December post

Just a quick post to say I’m still busy writing, right down to the wire, and then I will be stopping for a bit over the Christmas holidays.

The Coward has been edited and has now gone back to my publisher. First thing in January will be the copy edit, the next stage of intense edits.

Also happening in January, is TBRcon, a FREE completely online SFF convention with over 85 authors taking part in a series of panels. More info about that can be found on my events page here. I’ll post the full schedule too when it’s made available.

Happy holidays.

Author Interviews

Tomorrow, part 2 of 2, of my interview with RJ Barker goes up on my YouTube channel. I will be doing regular interviews with other fantasy and science fiction authors so if you subscribe you will receive updates on new content.

RJ is the author of the Wounded Kingdom trilogy and the Tide Child trilogy, book 2, Call of the Bone Ships is published this month, book 3 next year. Both series are published by Orbit books and when I was published by Orbit, RJ and I shared an editor. We discuss his current series, influences, and stray off into other topics including good TV.

RJ Barker
The first half of my Interview with RJ Barker is available to watch here
Part 1 https://youtu.be/wSqPFCuY0Xo

Anna Stephens
Below are links to my interview with Anna Stephens, author of the Godblind trilogy and her new series, Songs of the Drowned. We talk about writing and her new novel out this month, The Stone Knife. During this chat we also discuss my new book, The Coward, will comes out 8th June 2021 from Angry Robot Books.

Part 1 – https://youtu.be/mNCPnOBoGQc
Part 2- https://youtu.be/0IQioNgPdII

Steve McHugh
Both parts of my interview with Steve McHugh, author of the Hellequin Chronicles, which wraps up with book 13 this December – Horsemen’s War

Part 1 – https://youtu.be/swGenAsxh9Y
Part 2 – https://youtu.be/X6sQh5GbXek

Angus Watson
Both parts of my interview with Angus Watson, author of The Iron Age trilogy and West of West trilogy from Orbit books

Part 1 – https://youtu.be/XaJiWp2QCIs
Part 2 – https://youtu.be/IjePIfb3fe8

More interviews coming soon.

The Coward – cover reveal

I’m delighted to be able to announce that the cover, and more information about my new novel, The Coward, is now available on Tor.com. The book will be published 8th June 2021, so less than a year to go. Click on the link below for more info!

Writing and Late Night Talk

As mentioned in my last post I’m doing some late night talks with authors. I’m speaking with Angus Watson this week and I’ve got another two arranged for the coming weeks. We’ll be talking frankly about writing, publishing, being an author and anything else that takes our fancy.

Once I have edited the videos they will then be available on YouTube.

On the same YouTube channel, I am also going to be regularly posting writing advice videos. So if you are an aspiring author, or you know of anyone who is, then please direct them to my new channel and ask them to subscribe.

There are 2 videos up there at the moment. An introduction one, explaining who I am, my background, a bit about the books and what I’m going to be doing on the channel.

There is also my first advice video about The Trap, which is something that many aspiring writers fall into when they start work on a novel.

If there are any topics you would like to see me cover on the channel, get in touch and let me know.