Conventions during lockdown

Because all of the conventions have been cancelled during lockdown, a lot more are going online.

I’ve already been involved in one, called CONtagion. A SFF convention and also meeting space on Facebook, which has links to panels, workshops, readings, blog posts and all sorts to keep you busy.

I moderated a panel about writing fantasy series and how most writing advice is about how to get the first book written or published. This panel is focused on the demands of writing a series of books. How do you keep it going? How do you keep yourself motivated? And how do you deliver something interesting to reading on time, every time? You can download the MP3 of the panel here


I’m also getting involved with QuaranCon2020, which is running for the next few days from today, Friday 24th, over the weekend and into early next week. These will be live panels, on YouTube, via Zoom, where viewers can ask the panel questions at the end.

Friday 24th April 8pm (UK time) I’m on a panel – Fantasy book series, how long should they be? Here’s the link to YouTube for tonight

Monday 27th April 9pm (UK time) I’m on a panel – Magical systems in Fantasy.

The website with the full schedule for all panels is available on the QuaranCon2020 website here.


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