It’s my birthday

Yes, today. What a day. I thought it was going to be a fairly forgettable one. Not a big or special number. I thought it would just cruise past and I wouldn’t remember it in years to come. Never forget the old saying or curse, depending on how you look at it “May you live in interesting times.”

Anyway, since it’s my birthday I’m going to ask a favour!

Write a review

If you’ve read one of my books and you enjoyed it, please take a couple of minutes to leave me a review on Amazon. It really helps get the books noticed by other readers who may not have heard of me. Also, Amazon has lots of complex algorithms, which are always changing, however one thing remains constant; the more the reviews you have the better.

Something to read

If you like comics and want to read something quite different from me, the first issue of Flux, a comic book mini series (4 issues), that I’ve co-written is now available on Gumroad. It’s a science-fiction thriller about the threat of time travel, government issue wearable tech and one detective’s search for the truth.

We’re hoping to launch issue 2 on Kickstarter on April 1st. We were in two minds about whether or not to proceed, but we’ve polled our previous supporters and the majority said we should continue as normal and sort out posting physical copies later. Anyway, Issue 1 is now available on Gumroad is you’re interested.


A small bonus for loyal readers on here, and for those of you that have made it this far! As you’ve seen, the new book being published next year, The Coward, is book 1 in a 2 book series. I’m delighted to tell you that this book has a fantastic map which has been drawn by an excellent artist. I gave him my crappy hand drawn nonsense and he turned it into a thing of beauty. So watch out for that!!

Thanks for reading, take care and stay indoors.

PS. – What are you reading at the moment? I’m always searching for new fantasy and SF books and you can’t get better than a recommendation.

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