First Bloodmage event of 2016

libraryIt’s now only a few months until Bloodmage comes out in April and I’ve already got one event booked. There will be a couple of signing events to mark the publication of Bloodmage and as soon as they’re sorted I’ll post the dates and details on the events page. They will likely be around the publication date of 14 April.

In the meantime, the first event booked in the diary is on Thursday 28th April I will be going back to my home town, Whitley Bay, to speak at the local library.

I haven’t been back to my home town for a few years. I moved away over 15 years ago to work in another part of the country, as did many of my friends from school. I’ve been back every now and then, noting the changes and improvements to the town, including the library itself. The old library was a pretty battered concrete building on the sea front and it was kind of an extended portakabin, but despite its unglamorous exterior, I spent a lot of hours in there. The staff were always excellent and it helped foster my love of reading and stories. I saw all of these amazing books and aspired to write one myself. Fast forward about twenty years and here we are.

library2The new library is right in the town centre and it is very modern with lots of glass and shiny metal and I am thrilled to be returning home to talk about my journey to publication.

No doubt there will be some familiar faces in the crowd and probably some people I can’t name as it’s been many years since we last met!

I’m really looking forward to going back to Whitley Bay and seeing my book on the shelf in my home town library. If anything I hope that my visit sparks the imagination of some local children who also want to write and perhaps in another twenty years they’ll come back to see their book on the shelf.

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