Beauty and the Beast – Month 5

Ep.17 – Down to a Sunless Sea – On the whole this episode was just ok. In short, an old flame of Catherine’s who was overbearing and controlling, turns up after several years and wants to reconnect with her before he dies. He’s supposed to be a changed man but slowly we start to seeContinue reading “Beauty and the Beast – Month 5”

Beauty and the Beast – Month 4

If you’ve not read the previous posts then this will make no sense at all. But, I’m doing a rewatch of the TV show Beauty and the Beast with CE Murphy. And, much to my surprise, the show is a lot better than I remembered, or rather I was convinced my rose tinted memories wouldContinue reading “Beauty and the Beast – Month 4”

Beauty and The Beast – Month 3

My rewatch of the classic TV series Beauty and the Beast with C.E. Murphy continues. We watch one episode a week, try to watch it at the same time and chat over twitter. We’re about halfway into series one now, so there’s still time to catch up if you want to join in. Ep. 9Continue reading “Beauty and The Beast – Month 3”

Beauty and the Beast – Month 2

Ep. 5 – Masques – This episode really plays with the strong theme of Catherine and Vincent being different people from different worlds who don’t belong together. The Romeo and Juliet vibe comes through a lot, people who can never be together, on different sides of a line that should never be crossed, and it’sContinue reading “Beauty and the Beast – Month 2”

Beauty and The Beast – Month 1

As previously mentioned I’m doing a rewatch of the original Beauty and The Beast TV series with CE Murphy. Below are my thoughts on the first few episodes. The Pilot – It’s been long time since I’d watched this, but I still remembered the basics. However, there were actually quite a few things I hadContinue reading “Beauty and The Beast – Month 1”

Get Involved in 2014

I’m not one for making new year resolutions, but what I am doing starting from January is rewatching and rereading a few things together with some friends. This is your invitation to take part and then join in with the discussion. I should quickly mention, that I know how life (and by that I’m includingContinue reading “Get Involved in 2014”