January 2023 roundup

Halfway through January already and busy again. Lots of stuff going on.


The Judas Blossom (Book 1 of 3 in The Nightingale and The Falcon trilogy) has gone through the copy edits. Very soon it will be going out super early to people for cover quotes. I’ve still got the proofread stage to do before it is finished.

Book 2 is drafted and was handed in at Christmas. This month I’ve started more detailed planning and plotting for book 3. I’ll be starting to write it, probably early next month. However, I’m also cooking up ideas for what comes next. I’ve written a couple of chapters of something, just for myself, and I’m absolutely loving it. New world. New characters. I’ll write a bit more of that and plan some more, before I show it to anyone.

New Interview

I recently sat down with Richie over at The Fantasy Writers’ Toolshed to talk about The Judas Blossom and other stuff. I give some more details on the story, the era and what I’m trying to achieve with the series, as well as my writing process and other writing tips and tricks. You can listen via Spotify, iTunes etc.


Capricon 43 is only 18 days away at time of writing! The full programme schedule us now available here on the website.

I’ve got some panels, a reading and an autograph session. For those who are attending, I’ve got some free loot (limited as I’m bringing it from the UK) to give away to anyone who comes to my autograph signing or my reading session. First come first served basis.

This year I’m also going to be attending Eastercon in April in the UK in Birmingham, and Fantasycon in September (also in Birmingham) in 2023. More info on the events is on the Events page here.

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