Manchester Event Photos

I had an excellent time the other week in Manchester. First, a number of Angry Robot authors and I, signed copies of our books at Waterstones in the Trafford Centre. Thank you to Brian, the bookseller there, for being so supportive of our SFF books. The signed copies are selling fast, so if you wanted a signed copy, you’d better get a move on!

Then we went over to Blackwell’s bookshop in the evening where Guy Haley, Dan Hanks, Micah Yongo, Chris Panatier and myself were interviewed by Gemma Creffield, from Angry Robot books. We had a lot of fun talking about story, craft and worldbuilding. And if you’re wondering about the matching tracksuits, they all say I’m with Patton, which is a reference to something from Chris’s book, Stringers! I suggested we all dress in matching outfits like The Beastie Boys and come out to Intergalactic blasting from the speakers, but I was outvoted. Nevertheless, we had a great evening!

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