January Update 2022

How it is 2022 already? What? How? The last 2 years have been…..unique.

Anyway. At the end of this month I’m taking part in an online SFF convention, TBRCon. More info is available on the Events page here. My panel is on Sunday 30th January.

Other stuff, I’m currently editing The Warrior, book 2 of 2, in the Quest for Heroes duology, from Angry Robot Books. That is coming out in August this year. We have some exciting things planned, some stuff I really can’t talk about just yet, but watch this space for more info when I can share.

I’m also busy working on a new thing. A new project. There might be some news it soon. Well, soon-ish. The first draft is done and I am waiting for news.

Don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel for author interviews with great fantasy and science fiction authors. There are also videos if you’re a writer interested in fantasy, worldbuilding, or just getting traditionally published.

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