Author Interviews

Tomorrow, part 2 of 2, of my interview with RJ Barker goes up on my YouTube channel. I will be doing regular interviews with other fantasy and science fiction authors so if you subscribe you will receive updates on new content.

RJ is the author of the Wounded Kingdom trilogy and the Tide Child trilogy, book 2, Call of the Bone Ships is published this month, book 3 next year. Both series are published by Orbit books and when I was published by Orbit, RJ and I shared an editor. We discuss his current series, influences, and stray off into other topics including good TV.

RJ Barker
The first half of my Interview with RJ Barker is available to watch here
Part 1

Anna Stephens
Below are links to my interview with Anna Stephens, author of the Godblind trilogy and her new series, Songs of the Drowned. We talk about writing and her new novel out this month, The Stone Knife. During this chat we also discuss my new book, The Coward, will comes out 8th June 2021 from Angry Robot Books.

Part 1 –
Part 2-

Steve McHugh
Both parts of my interview with Steve McHugh, author of the Hellequin Chronicles, which wraps up with book 13 this December – Horsemen’s War

Part 1 –
Part 2 –

Angus Watson
Both parts of my interview with Angus Watson, author of The Iron Age trilogy and West of West trilogy from Orbit books

Part 1 –
Part 2 –

More interviews coming soon.

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