Writing questions for April

This is going to be a short post with some questions that I’m hoping those of you who are following this blog, and anyone else who sees it, will respond to as it will give me a better idea of who is reading this, and also, why. I have a feeling that a lot of people who pop in here are writers, but I will see what the results show.


1.  With so much information out there now readily available via the internet on blogs, vlogs, social media, author websites, as well as attending events and courses, are there any parts of the publishing process that are still a mystery? And if so, which parts?

2. Are you a writer aiming to, one day, get published? And if so, how far along are you with your current work in progress?

3. Are you struggling with a particular part of the writing process? If so, which part?

4.  If you’re not an aspiring writer, are you  fan of fantasy? Science fiction? Both?

That’s it, short and sweet. Let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Writing questions for April

  1. 1. I don’t really think about it – I just happy if I have books to read!
    2. Not a writer, though I do entertain the odd thought (and sometimes brief attempt) of writing.
    3. See above. But when I do try it’s getting past the initial burst of 1000 words or so.
    4. Mainly Science Fiction, but I do read Fantasy.

  2. 1. Not really – there is so much out there – at this point, it seems to me the hardest thing is figuring out what path to follow (self publish, agent, etc).
    2. I’m an aspiring writer lite – which means I have ideas, no follow through, and a busy life. 😛
    3. Actually…writing.
    4. I’m a fan of both in theory, but I’m finding it particularly hard to find good sci fi lately (love the really great classics like Foundation or Dune) – but now the trend has been to overly politicize the genre and be obnoxiously preach about social or political issue x or y instead of writing good stories, so unless I get a direct recommendation from a trusted source (friend or author I love), I’m staying away from sci fi for the most part.

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