How To….

Just a short post today, but one that I’m hoping will generate some feedback.

Next month I’m one of three authors  involved with a free publishing workshop at Waterstones in Birmingham. This event on June 8th is designed to provide writers with information on how to find a literary agent. This is for those who are interested in traditional publishing, not self publishing. The three of us will be talking about how we found an agent and answering questions.

For those unable to attend, or not even in the UK, would you find some How To… type videos useful? Is there enough information out there already?

Do you know how to find a literary agent? How to find a publisher? How to write a synopsis? How to write a covering letter? Do you understand the publishing process and the stages a book goes through before being published?

I’m considering a How To…YouTube channel but if all of this is clear, then I don’t need to add to the noise.

So, over to you. Would you like to see such a thing? If so, what topics would interest you?

One thought on “How To….

  1. I think that, whilst there are lots of resources out there for this kind of thing, it is always very interesting (and helpful!) to hear about all these topics from authors that you know and enjoy. For me, especially so when you’re based in the UK as there can be some US-centric saturation in the internet!

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