Fantasycon 2015 – Nottingham

Below is a list of things that I’ll be doing  in a couple of weeks at Fantasycon 2015. This year the event is being held at the East Midlands Conference Centre and Orchard Hotel in Nottingham. I’ve never been to the venue before, but it looks very new and shiny, with lots of natural light and glass, so hopefully it will be a lovely space.

So, my plans for the weekend, other than catching up with friends and having one or two beers, will be the following:-


5pm – There is a reading slot with me for about 20 minutes. I’m probably not going to read for all of that, so I might answer any questions, or failing that, just talk at whoever is there.


In the Conference Theatre at 2pm – War: What Is It Good For? Martial Conflict in SFF

Moderator: Natasha Bardon

Panellists: Stephen Aryan, Bradley Beaulieu, Sophia McDougall, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Gav Thorpe.


At 12pm, before the banquet, there will be a mass signing, and I’m planning on being there. I’m not sure if they will have copies of Battlemage for sale, hopefully they will, so I guess we’ll I’ll turn  up and find out!

Even if you don’t fancy coming along to see me there are some fantastic guests of honour and all sorts of panels, book launches and readings. Hopefully I will see some of you there wielding a copy of Battlemage with intent!

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