Battlemage…signed copy silent auction

Battlemage is being published in two weeks time, in the US and UK. However, I am aware from a few comments I’ve seen online that although it is going to be published in other languages in due course, some people would still like to read it in English, but they don’t live in the UK or USA.

So, for the next seven days, from today until Tuesday 15th September I am going to run a silent auction to win 5 signed and personalised copies of the US version of Battlemage. I will personalise, sign and post out a copy to you, anywhere in the world, and you will get it a week before the official date of publication.

All money raised will be going to my local cat rescue group. Why them? Well, there’s more info below for those who are interested.

Also, please note the more you pledge, the more swag I will send you, in addition to a copy of Battlemage. I’m a lifelong comic book fan and I will send you books and comics that I think are awesome. These will not be single issues, or volume 7 of a series, these will be the first and/or second trade collections, so you can read the beginning of something and see if you like it.

Again, all money goes to a charity, so please be generous. The top 5 pledges will receive the swag and my hearty thanks. Please title your email ‘Silent Battlemage’ so I know what it’s about, and send your name and your amount in pounds sterling.

Email your pledges to stephenaryan56 [at] gmail [dot] com

Thank you for your support and generosity.

Why your local cat rescue shelter?

Leeds Cat Rescue are a local group of volunteers who are completely  funded by donations. As well as rehoming abandoned and unwanted cats found on the street, they also work very hard to reduce the numbers of stray cats by offering low cost neutering services for local income households. They also trap and neuter feral cats in wild colonies, to try and have a longer impact on the number of unwanted kittens being born in the area. They witness horrible animal cruelty on a daily basis and they are all wonderful people doing very difficult work for the love of animals.

If you’ve made it this far and are not interested in the silent auction but still want to help, they have a wishlist on Amazon UK (just search for Leeds Cat Rescue), where you can buy cat food for them, as well as other stuff they sell to raise more money for the cats.

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