Updated Appearances

I’m hoping to have some news in the next couple of weeks about events closer to the time of publication for Battlemage. However, I’m going to be appearing in a few places in the meantime in the run up to the end of September and publication date. So I’ve added details as I have them below and dates on the Events page.

First off I’ll be at the Goldboro Books Fantasy in the Court Event on Thursday 6th August. This event is run in association with Hodderscape. More information is available about the event here.

I’m also attending the Nine Worlds Geekfest on Friday 7th August to Sunday 9th August in Heathrow. As well as co-running the Podcasting track, I’ll be appearing in a couple of places.

I’m on the New Voices Panel on the All the Books track on Saturday night from 10.15pm to 11.30pm. Last year this involved a short reading so I’d expect more of the same.

I’m also on the Writing the Other panel on Sunday 9th from 3.15pm to 4.30pm. More information about the event is available here, and you can access the full programme here and start planning your panels. With so many tracking running in parallel you really need to plan what you want to see in advance.


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