June General Update

This month seems to be about podcasting, more or less.

For a few months I’ve been busy working away in secret with Barry from Geek Syndicate to plan and coordinate a podcast mini track at the forthcoming Nine Worlds event in London this August. Our panels will run from 10am to 1pm on all three days and the panel descriptions and more information is available here.

One of the guest speakers on the podcast track is my podcasting partner in crime, Dr Scott, who will be sharing his wisdom. We’re still recording together, and we might even try to do something live and in the same room at Nine Worlds, although the last time we tried that it was weird being able to make eye contact with him.

This is the second year of the event, after a highly successful first year with an event that encompasses all sorts of weird and wonderful ideas. It really is unlike any other event as it combines so many different things. More information on all of the tracks is available here.

Last week Pete Rogers and I recorded another episode of our Bags of Action podcast where we discuss an action film. This time it was the 1989 classic, Next of Kin starring the late great Patrick Swayze. You can download a copy direct from the website here, or search for it on iTunes.

Apart from that, I’m busy doing the usual things, so there’s not much to say. I’m editing book 1, Battlemage, then I will jump back to working on the first draft of book 2. All of the book stuff still seems so far away in the future, which is great in some ways, as it means I have ages to write books 2 and 3. In reality once I parcel up the time required, it’s not that long and I’m sure the time will just fly by between now and next October. In which case, I’m off, I’ve got too much to do and too little time!


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