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So the big news came out today on the Bookseller website, and here is a copy of the press release in full announcing my book deal with Orbit.

Orbit has signed a trilogy of books from British author Stephen Aryan.

Jenni Hill, commissioning editor at Orbit, signed world English rights in the Battlemage trilogy from Juliet Mushens at The Agency Group.

Battlemage, which was taken from the slush pile, is set in a world experiencing its first global conflict, with the story told from three points of view – the leaders of the fighting nations, the frontline warriors, and the Battlemages, powerful magical outsiders who are both feared and respected.

Mushens said: “I was blown away by how polished a debut this was – it’s original and wholly engrossing.”

Hill said: “Stephen Aryan makes mages look cool. Battlemage has everything that’s great about epic fantasy: big battle scenes; valiant heroes and heroines; and evil forces in need of a damn good thwarting.”

Aryan lives in Yorkshire and works fulltime in marketing for a software company.

Orbit will release the the first in the series in the UK and US in 2015.

I am absolutely over the moon! Orbit publish some of my favourite authors from Jim Butcher to Mike Carey and I’m excited and nervous about what comes next, but really looking forward to it. A lot of hard work has gone into getting here and there is definitely more ahead but I can’t wait to get stuck in.

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