Why is reading important to you?

Someone in my day job asked me this today as they see me reading every day during my lunch break. I’ve always got a book on the go. Always. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a book in progress.

The most amusing and worrying thing I ever heard about reading was from a manager a few years ago. She saw me reading one book at lunch time, then a few days later, I had started another book and her comment ‘Another book?’ As if somehow one was enough. As if reading two in a row was unusual. As if all of life’s answers or mysteries could be contained in just one book. As if I was unusual to list reading as a pastime and something I volunteered to do, without being forced into it, by a stern teacher or manager.

There are many, many reasons why reading is important to me, personally, and why I think it is vital for children, and people in general. But what about you? Why does it matter to you as an individual?

2 thoughts on “Why is reading important to you?

  1. I read for escapism, to let an author capture my imagination and pull it into a story whether it be a day in the life of a character or into an entirely different world (my favourite!). I have at least three different books on the go at once, so reading one after the other isn’t unusual for me 🙂
    I also read to learn, I love picking up little bits of information particularly if it’s historical fact dropped into the story. It usually means I’ll make a mental note and research it in my own time. So it’s a love of the fantastical combined with a bit of learning for me!
    I’m a book worm to my friends and I’ve always been that way, through school, university and now into the office and I wouldn’t want to be any other way.

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