General Projects Update

For the last few months I’ve been really busy working on various writing projects so now that I’ve overcome some hurdles I thought it was time for another update. A large chunk, perhaps 80% of the work for hire project is done. I emailed the latest version off tonight so now I can take my foot off the pedal with that project slightly and take a little breather. Other people now have to do their part and I hope to see an early version, a prototype if you will, in the next few weeks. I’m still being quite vague but only because I have to at the moment. Once I get the thumbs up I can start showing a lot more and being a lot more specific. On that note actually I’m attending the Eastercon event this year in Heathrow in April and if the stars align I might have a version with me there to show people.

On the comics side the co-writing project with Pete Rogers is going great. As I predicted we ironed out the remaining bumps and kicked the story back and forth several times until we got it to a place where we were both happy with it. I’m still certain that I could not have written this by myself. We’ve both kept pushing each other to do better, to make it work, to not write the obvious or easy option and the story is much stronger for it and I feel much more confident about it now.

The Empyre with Adam is still moving forward slowly. He has been tied up with other projects, but we have kept in touch and I’ve gone back and revisited the material several times in the last few months. I still think it’s a good idea. I was worried that perhaps time away would allow me to look at it with fresh eyes and then realise that it was, in fact, not an idea worth pursuing. I still feel it. A buzz when reading it. It’s very possible that it is just me and when pitched the editors don’t like it, but I can’t go in with something unless I believe in it. I’m prepared for a no thanks and this is not my first time pitching ideas that have been shot down for a variety of reasons.

I’ve also picked up a third project I had previously shelved because I couldn’t work out the end. Ok, not the actual end, but some of the events leading up to that final moment. There again time away has given me fresh eyes and I’ve gone through it with a big sword and cut out whole chunks. I’ve gutted it, added in fresh meat, then done it all over several times more until I’ve ended up with a totally different monster. I also realised in some ways I was trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, so I’ve just let go of some of the stuff I thought was important or had to be there and now it’s flowing much better. It’s not done yet but it’s getting there.

The last thing I’m working on is a longshot comic book OGN pitch. The actual idea itself, the overview breakdown, the main beats, even the first third of the script, is written and done although it needs another draft. I think it has a lot of potential and is actually my strongest idea after the project with Pete. The longshot part is not the idea, but how to get it to market. It’s going to take something special given the nature of the story and the structure, but I’ve tried. I’ve reached out to someone and there is a good chance this person will say no, but it’s totally worth the risk and I lose nothing by trying. I’m not a person who takes risks. I don’t like them. They’re dangerous. But on this occasion the risk is small and the rewards are great and I’ve come to a point, mentally, where I have to try some things. I have to. Maybe it’s an early mid-life crisis, who knows, but I’m giving it a go. Maybe it’s because my next birthday is just around the corner. Whatever the reason I’m glad that I’ve tried. I’ll probably be weeping and beating my own chest in a few days and be miserable but hey, right now it feels good.

Given all of this writing my reading has slowed down tremendously so in some ways I’m glad I am no longer doing book reviews regularly for a blog. My current choice is a surprise and a delight and I don’t want it to be over. In fact, with a big chunk of the main project out of the way I’m going to stop typing and read some more as it helps fuel my brain. I believe reading is vital for writing. You just have to. More news when I have it.

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