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I haven’t posted in a while because not a lot has really changed. Work is still incredibly busy and I’m secure in my current role until the end of March, however, things are happening that I can’t talk about yet, but on the whole 2012 is starting out well in that respect.

Creatively, I’m just snowed under too. Working hard and grinding away on the work for hire project. It’s exciting and I can’t wait to start talking about it in more than vague generalisations. It’s a fantastic opportunity, and I am enjoying it, but it is difficult to fit it in around work at the moment with it being so busy. I’m making progress though, chipping away at the mountain of ice and it’s gradually starting to resemble a story. I’m also hopeful that this project might open some other doors in the future but I guess it’s another wait and see depening on how this one goes.

Comics wise, my co-writing project with Pete went through a few bumps, we had one stumbling block in the story which I cracked with a real eureka moment while sat on the floor of my office stroking a cat like Blofeld from the Bond movies. Of course at the time I couldn’t leap up and shout it as my legs were numb from sitting on the carpet in one position for too long, and I didn’t want to wake the dozing kitten, but still, it was a breakthrough. We’ve hit another speedbump but there again I’m not worried and I think between the two of us we’ve cracked it already. This co-writing business is proving to be a lot of fun. It’s great to have someone to sanity check your wacky brainstorms, to bounce ideas off and get an immediate knee-jerk reaction.

This Christmas I asked for a lot more comic books instead of novels I can read them faster and in small chunks, plus my to read pile is still hideous. So, since Christmas I’ve read some great comics and made slow progress on my current book which I am enjoying but it’s hard to sit down and dedicate an hour to it at the moment. Some interesting comic book reads recently – Morning Glories Vol 2, Locke and Key Vols 2 & 3, The Sixth Gun Vol 2, The Walking Dead vol 15 (yes 15!!), Ex Machina Vol 10 which wraps it up, Chew Vol 4, Essex County, Batman The Black Mirror. Still got a few great comics to read and at some point I might do a few brief reviews, although I’m more likely to discuss them on the podcast. We’re still doing that too, although with both Scott and myself so busy we’ve moved to a fortnightly schedule. No one has complained so we’ll stick to that for the time being until things quieten down, if they ever do.

So, a bit of a rambly post, can’t say too much yet, but when I know more about the job situation and the work for hire project I will write about and then soon after people will be sick of hearing about it.

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