Magefall_finalcover_StephenAryan Book 2 of the Age of Dread trilogy

The land is in turmoil. Mages are hunted by men and gods alike.

With their last refuge fallen, two young mages must conspire against a god to show the world that their abilities aren’t a curse; they are the only way to ensure lasting peace.

Under the threat of anti-magic fanatics, Wren struggles to find her place as a leader and to keep her people safe as they build a new home. Danoph searches for answers on a spiritual journey, determined to find out who he really is and where he came from in an effort to calm the coming storm.

“Aryan’s tale is steeped more solidly in the intrigues of character clashes, petty politics, and power struggles in a culture whose marginalization of outsiders has significant contemporary resonance. His novel will whet fans’ appetites for the next installment in this gripping high fantasy series. ” Publishers Weekly

“There’s a lot going on in this book. It can be, by turns brutal, heart-warming and cleverly plotted.” British Fantasy Society

“I really enjoyed Magefall, it furthers the story and is a very easy read.  It isn’t a huge novel, like Mageborn, so there is very little time for filler and, as a result, the main story never drags.  You don’t get lost in endless wittering and pointless story telling that doesn’t add anything to the story so you get a lean and decently paced book.  I can’t wait to find out how it ends.” The Hobbleit

Find out more about the book and read an excerpt from chapter 1 of Magefall here

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