Authors’ Cat Calendar 2023

I’m delighted to say the Authors’ Cat Calendar is now live. All profits go to a cat rescue charity, based in the UK. The calendar for 2023 features cats that belong to a number of wonderful SFF authors including James Brogden, Andrea Stewart, RJ Barker, Tasha Suri, David Wragg, Cat Rambo, Nicholas Eames, Stephanie BurgisContinue reading “Authors’ Cat Calendar 2023”

The Warrior Online Tour

The Warrior is published August 9th, wrapping up The Quest for Heroes duology. For now, this in the last adventure in the Five Kingdoms. I may come back to this world one day, but for now, that’s it. Two books and done. I’m already busy with something else…. The url below has pre-order links toContinue reading “The Warrior Online Tour”