I’ve been podcasting since July 2007. We started out as Comic Book Outsiders, highlighting comics, TV and other stuff outside the spotlight and off the beaten path.

Now you can find me alongside other podcasts on the Geek Syndicate network on iTunes as Grouchy Old Geeks. Below is all the info on the monthly podcasts.

Grouchy Old GeeksGrouchy Old Geeks
Once a month my co-host, Scott, and I talk about the latest geek and genre related news that’s caught our attention as well as discussing a main topic of interest. We cover comics, games, TV, films and everything else.

Crash Landing
Crash Landing LogoOnce a month I sit down with another writer to talk about books and writing. The premise is they are being loaded on a rocket ship and will inevitably crash land on an alien world. They can only take 5 books to keep them company. What books do they choose and why? I love talking to other writers and the choices they make with these books tells you a lot of about them and how it informs their own work.

Bags of ActionBags of Action
Once a month my other co-host, Pete, and I discuss and dissect an action movie. We love action films and have great fun talking about modern films, such as Dredd and John Wick, or we talk through classic action films from the 1980s and 1990s. Sometimes we even pick a hideous mess of a film and that’s always fun to talk about.