I’m currently working on a number of comic book projects, so thought I would post a few details here and some art samples.

The Promise

The Promise

This is a contemporary 4 issue crime thriller mini series, I’ve developed with my co-writer Pete Rogers and artist Matt Rooke.

The Rush

This is an experiment with a writers room but for comics rather than TV. I came up with the original concept, then brought in a couple of other writers to pitch story ideas set in the world. We all chose the best ones, wrote an issue each and tied them together into a first season, with direction from the equivalent of the showrunner, me in this case. We’re currently working with an artist on some pages for a submission package.


This is a 4 issue comic book series I developed with artist,  Adam Bolton, about a science fiction western. Set on a frontier town, on the edge of known space, it follows the story of a human Marshall and how he ended up there, as well as him attempts to police a wild town full of weird aliens.











This is a SF mini series I’ve developed with my co-writer Pete Rogers and artist Maysam Barza.

Comics Experience

I am also a member of Comics Experience, an online community for comic book creators. It has a number of courses to help writers and artists and there is fantastic support and advice from leading industry professionals. It is a great place to learn about how to become a comic book professional in today’s industry.

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