I’m often asked about how to get published, how to get an agent and so on. I’ve written it all down into an ebook called – Good and Bad Advice About Writing and Getting Traditionally Published. 

This is aimed at fiction writers and those looking to be traditionally published. The rules are different for non-fiction (which I touch on briefly in the book) and I have little experience with self-publishing, so I can’t really talk about that. I briefly explain some of the alternatives to traditional but not in any great detail.

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It has a lot of information about good advice to listen to and bad advice you should completely ignore. I debunk a lot of the myths around writing a novel, debunk the rules people claim are necessary for success, information about writing a novel, finding an agent and then submitting to a literary agent.

Writing a synopsis is difficult and painful (and I still don’t like doing it), so I’ve also included my original synopsis for Battlemage (which then got me an agent) together with the back and forth correspondence from my agent. She explains what she liked about it and so on. Hopefully it will help you to write your own synopsis.

I also pull the curtain back a little on traditional publishing and explain the typical stages a book will go through from when you sent it to your agent to when it lands on a shelf in a bookshop.

There is information in there about lessons I’ve learned about being published, information about finding your style and other practical help for writers who are struggling.

There’s a lot of good information in there, plus some topics I don’t see people often writing or talking about. Hopefully it will help you if you’re trying to get published or find an agent. Good luck!


In 2020 I started a YouTube channel for writers. If you are looking for writing advice about writing a novel, getting published (self published or traditionally), finding an agent as well as more specific topics to do with writing science fiction and fantasy, then it’s the channel for you.

As well as doing videos offering advice I also have regular interviews with other SFF writers who share their experiences and tell their stories about how they got publication. The interviews include Nicholas Eames, Steve McHugh, Peter McLean, Anna Stephens, Ben Galley, RJ Barker, Bradley Beaulieu, Jonathan French, Justin Lee Anderson, Angus Watson, Stephen Deas, Barry Nugent, Mike Shackle, Andrew Stewart, Tim Pratt, Jeremy Szal and Sammy H.K Smith.

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